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SAECO IPER Table Top beverage dispenser Espresso 7GR 1C1M 230V B

Description Saeco created the connecting link between the OCS and Vending ranges: the new IPATM table-top coffee machine. IPATM has the new Heart of Coffee graphic design that characterizes the entire Vending range, with professional components that offer an innovative and versatile solution for small enterprises, offices and Ho.Re.Ca. applications (it can brew up to 8 different beverages, and is ideal for consumption rates of 30-50 products a day). With a height of 550 mm, it is perfect for kitchens; the water tank can be removed from three different directions: from above, from the left and from the right. It is easy to use and maintenance is also very quick, thanks to the modular internal elements. Accessories ? USB key kit ? Eva-Dts kit - Main features ? Professional components (brewing unit, coffee grinder, boiler) ? Modular internal elements (instant coffee module, coffee grinder module, brewing group module, water module), for ease of maintenance ? The lid can be lifted or taken off completely ? High dispensing area (145 mm) ? Customizable tags ? New powder dispensing system (new canisters, screw conveyor, nozzles, mixer) ? Advanced circuit board that makes it possible to customize recipes, be compatible with the main payment systems protocols (MDB, BDV, Executive - external box required) and to record statistical data through an EVA-DTS protocol ? Energy saving mode - User interface ? Keypad with 8 easy-to-read mechanical keys, covered by membrane, for direct access beverage selection ? 1 button for pre-selection ? Monochrome graphic display ?Technical data IperAutomatica Espresso Structural specifications Dimensions (w x h x d) 346 x 547 x 542 mm Weight 31,5 kg Electrical specifications Power supply 220-240 V/50-60 Hz Power pack switching Power consumption 1550 W Water specifications Boiler 1 Boiler capacity 300 cc - 1400 W Boiler material brass Water supply with independent water tank (with lock) Other specifications Coffee bean canister 1 Instant product canister 2 Number of selections 8 Pre-selection 1 Mixer 1 Brewing unit 7 gr Capacities Water canister 4 l Coffee grounds tray 25 coffee grounds Drip tray 1 l Canisters capacity Coffee beans 1,0 kg Milk 0,35 kg Chocolate 0,90 kg ? Full welded and painted metal structure ? Containers and tanks in food-contact approved resin ? No water signal (capacitive water level sensor) ? Software function setting the maximum number of coffee cycles permitted before the dump box/drip tray is removed and emptied ? Electronically controlled boiler temperature ? Internal humidity exhaust and air flow grids ? 48 W electromagnetic vibration pump ? Boiler safety valve ? General safety relay for 24 V components ? CE, VDE approved

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