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SAECO SG200 RUBINO 9GR 1S1DTable Top hot bev.dispenser Espresso
Rubino 200 is the completely automatic table-top vending machine of the last generation with design and technical performance at the top of the range. It is specifically designed for small and medium locations. Available with cabinet in two versions, standard and for payment system, it dispenses up to 8 different beverages.
Technical data
Product type Espresso from coffee bean and instant products
Technology Fully automatic machine: Automatic dispensing of cups, sugar and stirrers
Advised for Small locations - Offices
Cups (h 70 mm) 196
Stirrers 180
Number of selections 8
Number of preselections 4

Coffee bean container 1
Instant product container 3
Sugar container 1
Number of Grinders 1
Disc mixer 2
Water supply standard: water supply optional: independent water tank kit
Color Grey/Silver

Display 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display
Keyboard Direct access 8-button keypad for beverage selection

Power supply 230 V / 50 HZ
Power consumption 1250 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 410 x 765 x 535 mm
Weight 46 kg
Independent water tank 20 l (kit)
Boiler Espresso Brass
Coffee Group Saeco Brewing Unit: top quality espresso, easy cleaning and maintenance
Brewing unit 7 - 9 gr

Certifications CE

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