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SAECO ItalAutomata 20 funkciós AT700 EVO 1Darálós/kapszulás forr

Continuing its history as an ideal partner in coffee brewing outside the home, Saeco has now widened its range with the new ?Vending Capsule System? that offers the best coffee break one might imagine. ATL EV 500/700 CapBean offers the perfect blend of aroma and ease-of-use, forever eclipsing the memory of the old ?coffee from the vending machine?, thanks to the new quality coffee capsules. Our full experience in the field is at the heart of ATL EV CapBean, which is therefore the best expression of research, simplicity and innovation. Saeco Vending & Professional couples Italian style coffee with products with a high technological value. From the best coffee professionals to coffee lovers outside the home. THE CONCEPT: Saeco Vending & Professional has always been at the forefront in the development of brewing groups and automatic systems for use outside the home. Technology, research and attention to new consumer trends have led Saeco Vending & Professional to develop the new ?Vending Capsule System?. The new freestanding automatic machines ATL EV Capsule use a completely automatic system for capsule management. This vending machines represent just the start of further developments in the capsule systems sector: the launch of a whole new range of machines is indeed expected. Saeco is the first brand on the market offering an open capsule solution, that is to say, that the system can manage the most common capsule formats, thus freeing the customer from having to stick with a specific supplier. Therefore, thanks to the Saeco ?Vending Capsule System?, vending operators and coffee roasters shall be able to create partnerships to exploit the opportunities of the promising market segment of pre-dosed coffee outside the home. TECHNICAL CARACTERISTICS: 1 capsule container 1 capsule blend capacity: about 280 Caffitaly System capsules or 300 LB-type capsules - 1 coffee beans container 5 powder containers, 4 on the main plate and 1 on a revolving support 1 sugar container on the door 3 mixer or 2 mixer and a tea spiral 2 brewing units: 1 for capsules and 1 for beans - Technical data Atlante Evo 700 CapBean Structural specifications Dimensions (w x h x d) 750 x 1830 x 865 mm Weight 180 kg Electrical specifications Power supply 230 V/50 Hz Power consumption 2160 W Water specifications Boiler 3 Espresso boiler brass (600 cc) Instant boiler stainless steel (4.5 l) Pre-heating boiler stainless steel Water connections Water connection 3/4?? (1 ? 8 bar) Water supply standard: water supply optional: independent water tank kit Independent water tank 2 tanks of 20 l Other specifications Cups (h 70 mm) 700 Cups type o 70 o 73 mm Stirrers 550 Available stirrers 90 ? 105 ? 115 mm Coffee bean container 1 Capsule container 1 Instant product container 5 Sugar container 1 Number of selections 20 Number of preselections 2 Disc mixer 2 Spiral mixer 1 Brewing unit 7 gr (Gran Gusto system) or 9 gr Capsule brewing unit yes Canisters capacity Coffee beans 1 x 3.5 kg Capsules 300 LB-type or 280 Caffitaly system Decaffeinated coffee 0.7 kg Milk 1.3 kg Chocolate 3.5 kg Ginseng 2.5 kg Tea 4 kg Sugar 4.5 kg

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